Tuesday, January 11, 2022 from 4:00 PM PT to 6:10 PM PT.

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The power of CRISPRclean: Maximize your sequencing efficiency across multiple applications

Tuesday, January 11
4:00 PM PT – 6:10 PM PT

Are your sequencing dollars being wasted on unneeded information?

Jumpcode Genomics CRISPRclean® technology harnesses the specificity of CRISPR to remove unwanted and uninformative molecules from next-generation sequencing (NGS) libraries. Now you can shift your sequencing power for deeper coverage and improved signal—allowing you to overcome the limitations of biology.

Attend our workshop to discover how CRISPRclean is bringing new understanding to the lentil genome by using the power of depletion to maximize future genotyping efficiency. You will also discover how CRISPRclean is being used in metatranscriptomics to study viral variation, and in single cell RNA sequencing to boost sensitivity.

Hear from our speakers

Agenda & Speakers

4:00 PM – Overview of our technology
Jon Armstrong
VP of R&D, Jumpcode Genomics

4:15 PM – Understanding in silico depletion
Sridhar Ranganathan
Director, Bioinformatics, Jumpcode Genomics

4:45 PM – Using CRISPRclean to maximize the genotyping efficiency of the lentil genome
Marzia Rossato
Associate Professor of Genetics, Functional Genomic Lab, Department of Biotechnology - University of Verona

5:15 PM – Studying metatranscriptomics with CRISPRclean technology
Yvain Desplat
Research Associate II, Jumpcode Genomics

5:45 PM – Enhancing signal-to-noise in single cell RNA-seq
Jon Bezney
Research Associate III, Jumpcode Genomics

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