Single Cell Analysis

Transcriptional profiling has been revolutionized with high throughput, massively parallel, single cell RNA sequencing. Microfluidic/microdroplet technologies recently introduced to the market produce comprehensive data sets that allow investigators to understand complex cell mixtures, identify cell types present in healthy and diseased tissues, and create cell type specific transcriptional signatures. These technologies are dramatically enhancing our ability to identify transcriptional and cellular perturbations driving disease and basic biology understanding at the individual cell level.

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The Challenge

Uninformative transcripts dominate sequencing reads.

Microfluidic/microdroplet technologies are expensive and enable only sparse sampling of RNAs from each cell, with many genes represented by a few sequencing reads. This limit is due partially to an abundance of biologically uninformative RNAs which dominate sequencing reads and limit detection of the moderately expressed transcripts that often drive biological differences between cell types.

The Solution

CRISPRclean removes uninformative transcripts so you can detect low expressed transcripts.

  • Gain a deeper view of expression profiles of individual cells

  • 1.5x improvement in gene and UMI detection sensitivity

  • Boost usable data by cutting wasted sequencing by ~50%

  • Depletes sequences not used for secondary analysis including unaligned reads, ribosomal, mitochondrial, and non-variable gene

Simple 3-step protocol integrated into 10x Chromium Next GEM Single Cell 3’ workflow

CRISPRclean single cell RNA boost workflow

Cut through the noise with CRISPRclean for minimal impact on your single cell workflow and maximum confidence in your results.

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