CRISPRclean Pan Bacterial rRNA Depletion kits

Most RNA workflows are cumbersome and expensive because each sample needs to be prepared individually and leave insufficient sample to sequence - not so with CRISPRclean from JUMPCODE.

CRISPRclean Pan Bacterial rRNA Depletion kit

Designed for Illumina NGS libraries the CRISPRclean Pan Bacterial rRNA Depletion kits remove overabundant bacterial rRNA from sequencing workflows to improve sensitivity and performance.

  • Greater sensitivity
  • Lower input requirements
  • Faster, easier workflows
  • Higher throughput
  • Reduced cost
Laura Steinke img

"Using JUMPCODE’s accurate, efficient depletion techniques together with high-throughput sequencing has been a real turning point for my research. We can now generate data from enough low amount of samples to have real statistical significance.”

Laurey Steinke, PhD

 Associate Professor, Nebraska Medical Center

How it works

Screenshot 2020-02-04 at 16.14.24

Pricing Matrix

Kit Cost $2,880
Reactions 3
Cost per Reaction $960
Multiplex per Reaction Matrix
Multiplex per Reaction Cost per Sample
8 $120
12 $80
24 $40
48 $20
96 $10
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