CRISPRclean Metatranscriptomics rRNA Depletion kits

Be sure not to miss vital, low-abundance RNA signals when studying the function and activity of metatranscriptomes with CRISPRclean Metatranscriptomics rRNA depletion kits.

CRISPRclean Metatranscriptomics rRNA Depletion kit

Designed for Illumina NGS libraries the CRISPRclean Metatranscriptomics rRNA Depletion kit is a combination of the Human and Pan Bacterial rRNA depletion kits, ideal for human microbiome studies enabling improved sensitivity and performance.


  • Designed to target human and over 200 bacterial species in a single depletion workflow
  • Access low total RNA inputs below 1 ng previously not possible with pre-library depletion methods.
  • Save time and streamline your workflow by pooling multiple samples in a single depletion reaction post-library preparation.
Species Human, over 200 bacteria
Designed to deplete Human: 5S, 5.8S, 18S, 28S, 45S (precursor), mito 12S, and 16S rRNA; Bacteria: 5S, 16S, and 23S rRNA
Recommended library prep NEB Next Ultra II Directional RNA Library Prep for Illumina
CRISPRclean workflow NGS

CRISPR-powered universal infectious disease assay

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought intense awareness to the dangers of zoonotic diseases and the real danger they pose to global human health and welfare.

We present an RNA metagenomic NGS protocol that enables detection of the SARS-CoV-2 genome sequence, the source of any co-infection, and the host transcriptional response in a single workflow using Jumpcode CRISPRclean technology.

Evaluation is based on contrived samples with lung-derived total RNA combined with Staphylococcus aureus total RNA and a synthetic SARS-CoV-2 control, and two semi-contrived samples from patient stool samples spiked with 600 or 60 copies of the synthetic SARS-CoV-2 control.


  • In contrived sampmles, CRISPRclean depletion increases 10-fold of reads that map to the SARS-CoV-2 genome and the control S. aureus.
  • In semi-contrived samples, CRISPRclean depletion shows a 4-fold increase in bacterial species detection.
  • SARS-CoV-2 was detectable by sequencing even when present at only 60 copies in the sample.
Fig2_fold enrichment

Product Ordering

Each CRISPRclean Metatranscriptomics rRNA Depletion Kit contains enough material for up to 3 reactions, and each reaction can contain up to 16 multiplexed samples.

List Price
List Price $3,600
Reactions per Kit 3
Recommended Samples per Reaction
16 samples $75 per Sample
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