Unwanted DNA Depletion

Time, money, and sequencing capacity are often wasted by sequencing uninformative regions of a genome that are unnecessary for studies. JUMPCODE's patented CRISPRclean technology allows you to remove those regions to enhance your sequencing power and efficiency.

CRISPRclean Repeat DNA Depletion

Designed for NGS libraries the CRISPRclean DNA Depletion kit removes overabundant sequences to improve sensitivity, performance, and throughput while decreasing sequencing costs.

  • High specificity due to carefully designed CRISPR guides and Cas9 specificity.
  • Depletion follows library preparation.
  • Simplifies and speeds up workflows.
  • Low initial sample input requirement.
  • Because depletion follows library preparation, uniquely indexed libraries can be multiplexed in a single depletion reaction. Mulitplexing up to 96 libraries per reaction.
  • DNA prep kit agnostic.
  • Customize your experiments and use to minimize cost and maximize results.

CRISPRClean Host DNA Depletion

Details coming soon...

CRISPRClean depletion of other DNA sequences

Details coming soon...

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