CRISPRclean products

Cut out the ribosomal noise and focus your sequencing efforts on high-value RNA.

Remove overabundant nucleic acids from sequencing workflows to improve sensitivity and performance using Jumpcode's patented CRISPR-mediated rRNA depletion kits. 


Human rRNA Depletion

Designed to remove abundant human ribosomal RNA with >99% depletion rate and low input requirement as low as 10 cells tested.


Pan Bacterial rRNA Depletion

Access high-value gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial RNA using patented CRISPR-mediated depletion technology from Jumpcode. 


Metatranscriptomics rRNA Depletion

Be sure not to miss vital, low-abundance RNA signals when studying the function and activity of metatranscriptomes with Jumpcode patented CRISPR-mediated rRNA depletion technology. 

single cell jumpcode genomics

Single Cell RNA Seq

Get to the heart of transcriptional profiling in single-cell populations by removing the top 100 overexpressed housekeeping transcripts to detect rare transcripts and add confidence to differential gene expression using 10x Genomics single cell RNA sequencing.

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