CRISPRclean Pan Bacterial rRNA Depletion Kits

Bacterial samples express high amounts of ribosomal RNA. Removal of these highly abundant sequences enables easy and accurate identification of more of the bacterial species found in complex samples.

CRISPRclean Pan Bacterial rRNA Depletion Kit

Designed for Illumina NGS libraries, the CRISPRclean Pan Bacterial rRNA Depletion Kits remove overabundant bacterial ribosomal RNA from sequencing workflows to improve sensitivity and performance.


  • Target more than 200 bacterial species, covering all phyla, in a single depletion reaction.
  • Target both gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial species.
  • Access low total RNA inputs below 1 ng - not possible with pre-library depletion methods. Tested down to 10 pg of Total RNA (10 cells).
  • Increase the number of species detected by 300-400% with CRISPRclean.
  • Save time and streamline your workflow by pooling multiple samples in a single depletion reaction while maintaining performance.
Species Over 200 bacteria covering all phyla
Designed to deplete 5S, 16S, and 23S rRNA
Recommended library prep NEB Next Ultra II Directional RNA Library Prep for Illumina
Laura Steinke img

"Using Jumpcode’s accurate, efficient depletion techniques together with high-throughput sequencing has been a real turning point for my research. We can now generate data from enough low amount of samples to have real statistical significance.”

Laurey Steinke, PhD

Associate Professor, Nebraska Medical Center
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Each CRISPRclean Pan Bacterial rRNA Depletion Kit contains enough material for up to 3 reactions, and each reaction can contain up to 16 multiplexed samples.

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