Less noise means more discovery: Jumpcode Genomics CRISPRclean technology removes the noise—so you can easily find the genetic information you care about.

At Jumpcode Genomics, we are focused on breaking the technical barriers limiting genomics today. Our patented technology unlocks the power of next-generation sequencing by improving sensitivity, reducing costs, simplifying workflows and removing bias. We are empowering scientists to extract greater insights and detect novel signals that were previously hidden by abundant and uninformative sequences. Researchers worldwide are using Jumpcode’s CRISPRclean technology in the fields of basic research, infectious disease, oncology and consumer genomics.


Our leadership team is passionate about what we do and who we are as a company. They are proven life-science leaders with experience and connections across the industry and in the global scientific community.

Mike Salter - Jumpcode CEO

Mike Salter


Mike joins Jumpcode from EKF Diagnostics a Global Medical Device company where he held the position of CEO. Previously Mike worked at GE Healthcare where he was General Manager of the global Molecular reagents and services business. He spent a total of 33 years with GE and Amersham in a variety of positions in the UK, Canada and the USA. Mike brings with him over 39 years of experience in the Life Sciences and Diagnostics business.

John Estill

Director, Finance

Director, Finance

Lee Lieberman

Director, Business Development

Director, Business Development

Azeem Siddique

Director, Research and Development

Director, Research and Development

Sridhar Ranganathan

Director, Bioinformatics

Director, Bioinformatics

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Mike Salter

Frank Witney

Kirk Malloy

Dan Kidle
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Court Turner
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Gene Yeo

Shawn Levy
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