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Boosting signal-to-noise in single cell RNA-seq through molecular depletion (30:54)

Presented by Dante DeAscanis of Jumpcode Genomics.

Key takeaways:

  • Discover the signal-to-noise problem of single cell RNA-seq methods
  • Find out how to improve RNA-seq sensitivity using CRISPRclean technology
  • See ways to boost usable data by cutting uninformative sequencing and how enhanced resolution allows for increased characterization of distinct cell states.

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A CRISPR powered NGS library prep to improve viral, bacterial and host transcript detection in shotgun metagenomic sequencing (28:07)

Presented by Jon Armstrong, VP of R&D at Jumpcode Genomics.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the importance of shotgun metagenomic sequencing approaches in detection of novel or variant pathogens.
  • See the impact of CRISPRclean and how depleting abundant and uninformative sequences improves sequencing coverage of pathogens and can enhance RNA-Seq library preparation.

Double transcriptomic reads in single cell RNA-seq using molecular depletion (35:32)

Presented by Jon Bezney, Research and Development at Jumpcode Genomics.

Key takeaways:

  • A molecular solution (CRISPRclean) for improving signal-to-noise in single cell RNA-seq
  • Explore the results of our preliminary in vitro studies using CRISPRclean in immune cells
  • Demonstrate how CRISPRclean enables the recovery of an additional 300 genes per cell and a two-fold enrichment in unique molecular counts in ~5,000 genes (90% of which are lowly expressed)
  • Understand how this added resolution of rare transcripts translates to the increased characterization of distinct cell states