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When less is more – depleting uninformative genes for single cell RNA sequencing (40:54)

Ready to increase single cell isoform detection and cell identification? Single cell transcriptomic has transformed how discoveries are made in disease research. Currently, single cell isoform information is limited by short-read sequencing as it only captures gene-level information. Additionally, existing single cell data are often cluttered by the higher percentage of uninformative genes that do not help with differentiating cell hetergeneity.

With the combination of the Jumpcode Single Cell RNA Boost Kit, PacBio MAS-Seq Kit, and 10x Genomics Single Cell 3′ Kit you can now remove uninformative reads before sequencing – maximizing usable single cell RNA sequencing data, isoform detection and cell identification.

Watch our webinar to learn how the combination of these tools will enable you to:

  • Boost usable single cell sequencing reads
  • Detect more isoforms
  • Increase full transcript coverage
  • Identify rare cell types

Presented by:

  • Smita Pathak, Ph.D., Jumpcode Genomics
  • Dante DeAscanis, Jumpcode Genomics
  • Elizabeth Tseng, Pacific Biosciences
  • Carolyn A. Morrison, Ph.D., 10x Genomics

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Boost microbial detection sensitivity with unbiased human host DNA and RNA depletion (36:05)

Presented by Zenas George, PhD, of Jumpcode Genomics.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand how an unbiased depletion method gives you the ability to maximize microbial genome coverage and get higher taxonomic resolution.
  • Learn how to leverage CRISPR-based depletion to cut unwanted human host molecules from your next-generation sequencing libraries before sequencing.
  • Demonstrate how CRISPR-based depletion is applied to characterize microbial populations and their impact on human health.

Double transcriptomic reads in single cell RNA-seq using molecular depletion (35:32)

Presented by Jon Bezney, Research and Development at Jumpcode Genomics.

Key takeaways:

  • Explore the results of our preliminary in vitro studies using CRISPRclean in immune cells
  • Demonstrate how CRISPRclean enables the recovery of an additional 300 genes per cell and a two-fold enrichment in unique molecular counts in ~5,000 genes (90% of which are lowly expressed)
  • Understand how this added resolution of rare transcripts translates to the increased characterization of distinct cell states

A CRISPR powered NGS library prep to improve viral, bacterial and host transcript detection in shotgun metagenomic sequencing (28:07)

Presented by Jon Armstrong, VP of R&D at Jumpcode Genomics.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the importance of shotgun metagenomic sequencing approaches in detection of novel or variant pathogens.
  • See the impact of CRISPRclean and how depleting abundant and uninformative sequences improves sequencing coverage of pathogens and can enhance RNA-Seq library preparation.

Boosting signal-to-noise in single cell RNA-seq through molecular depletion (30:54)

Presented by Dante DeAscanis of Jumpcode Genomics.

Key takeaways:

  • Discover the signal-to-noise problem of single cell RNA-seq methods
  • Find out how to improve RNA-seq sensitivity using CRISPRclean technology
  • See ways to boost usable data by cutting uninformative sequencing and how enhanced resolution allows for increased characterization of distinct cell states.