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CRISPRclean® technology removes unwanted sequences for many applications.

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Single Cell

CRISPRclean Single Cell RNA Boost Kit

100% increase in reads mapped to the transcriptome. 1.5x improvement in detection sensitivity with depletion. Gain a deeper view of expression profiles.

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CRISPRclean Plus Stranded Total RNA Prep with rRNA Depletion (Human, Mouse, Rat, Pan Bacteria)

Ribosomal RNA removal with CRISPRclean Plus. 200+ bacteria species targeted for depletion. 3-7x increase in microbial coverage in NSP samples.

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CRISPRclean Stranded Total RNA Prep with rRNA Depletion (Human, Mouse, Rat)

Specific, unbiased rRNA depletion and library prep for RNA-seq. Optimized library prep and depletion workflow. High quality representation of human gene expression.

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CRISPRclean Bulk Ribodepletion Reagents (Human, Mouse, Rat)

CRISPRclean Bulk Ribodepletion Reagents remove overabundant human, mouse, or rat rRNA from RNA-Seq libraries to improve sequencing sensitivity and performance. This kit is a bulk post-library depletion reagent with multiplexing format – designed to remove overabundant human 5S, 5.8S, 18S, 28S, 45S (precursor), mitochondrial 12S and 16S ribosomal RNA.

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RNA Depletion

CRISPRclean RNA Depletion Panels

Choose from the following:

DNA Depletion

Human DNA Depletion Kit Early Access

Boost microbial detection with unbiased human DNA depletion for microbiome samples.

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Custom Guide RNA Design

Jumpcode can partner with you to provide a customized solution of our CRISPRclean reagents – programmable and specific CRISPR guide RNA design.