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The majority of sequenced molecules are uninformative.

We’re changing that.

Boost usable NGS data

CRISPRclean® Single Cell

Improve sensitivity

Get 1.5x improvement in gene and UMI detection sensitivity and gain a deeper view of individual cells

Double your data

Achieve a 100% increase in informative transcriptomic reads with typical read depths

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Customer Story – ImYoo

Isolating informative RNA gives ImYoo™ greater power to grow their business.

ImYoo is a single-cell transcriptomics startup that helps biopharma companies stratify
study participants to optimize clinical trials. The company is using single-cell gene
expression profiling to understand immune variability and personalize information.

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Single Cell Analysis

Gain a deeper view of expression profiles of individual cells

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Characterize microbial populations and their impact on human health

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Infectious Disease Surveillance

Detect known and novel pathogens to accelerate outbreak investigations

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Whole Transcriptome Profiling

Measure gene and transcript activity to interrogate gene expression patterns

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