Cut out the ribosomal noise and focus your sequencing efforts on high-value RNA.

Remove overabundant nucleic acids from sequencing workflows to improve sensitivity and performance using JUMPCODE's patented CRISPR-mediated rRNA depletion kits. Reduce the time to results while dramatically increasing the ability to detect rare transcriptomic events.


Using JUMPCODE’s accurate, efficient depletion techniques together with high-throughput sequencing has been a real turning point for my research. We can now generate data from enough low amount of samples to have real statistical significance.

Laura Steinke img

Laurey Steinke, PhD
Associate Professor, Nebraska Medical Center

Powering Genomic Analysis

Significantly Improving Detection Sensitivity and Removing Bias

Dramatically Reducing the Cost of Sequencing

Simplified Workflows and Reduced Time to Results

CRISPRclean Technology

CRISPRclean is a proprietary technology that utilizes the CRISPR/CAS system to cut through the noise by removing unwanted nucleic acid molecules from sequencing libraries while preserving the representational integrity of the non-targeted sequences.

Researchers can benefit from an increased sensitivity and specificity in their areas of interest, use scarce and precious samples, and focus their sequencing cost on regions they care about without the worry of bias.

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About Jumpcode Genomics

Founded in 2016, Jumpcode Genomics aims to improve the understanding of human biology and the contribution to disease. The company's proprietary CRISPRclean technology utilizes the CRISPR/Cas system to deplete unwanted nuclei acid molecules from sequencing libraries.

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