Powering Genomic Analysis

Significantly Improving Detection Sensitivity and Removing Bias

Dramatically Reducing the Cost of Sequencing

Simplified Workflows and Reduced Time to Results

rRNA Depletion Products

Remove overabundant nucleic acids from sequencing workflows to improve sensitivity and performance using JUMPCODE's patented CRISPR-mediated rRNA depletion kits.

Reduce the time to results while dramatically increasing the ability to detect rare transcriptomic events.

Low initial sample input requirements (as low as single cells for scRNA-Seq) and supports sample multiplexing for maximum flexibility.

Application Opportunities

JUMPCODE’s patented technology improves NGS detection sensitivity, removes bias, reduces cost and simplifies workflow.

Solutions in Development:

  • De-Hosting and pathogen detection
  • Whole Genome and Exome 
  • Single cell analysis
  • Agricultural applications
  • Cancer Biology

JUMPCODE is always looking for great customers and partners.

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