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Industry CoLab

CoLab Speaker and Special Guest
Presented by:
Suzie Alarcón
Director, Next Generation Sequencing at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology

CRISPR depletion in single cell analysis: Improvements in discovery and sequencing efficiency

Thursday, Oct 27 from 12:30 PM PST – 1:00 PM PST

Jumpcode’s CRISPRclean Single Cell RNA Boost Kit was evaluated on cDNA generated on mouse tongue epithelium using 10X Genomics 3’ Assay and human PBMCs using 10X Genomics 5’ Assay. We evaluated three levels of downsampling (0%, 25%, 50%) to empirically determine thresholds necessary to retain and improve efficiency in these samples. In both mouse and human tissues, the use of CRISPRclean reduced the sequencing burden and improved discovery of cell types and informed clustering. These data suggest that a routine inclusion of CRISPRclean in 10X Genomics projects can reduce the total cost of projects that are often prohibitively expensive, and/or improve discovery without adding cost.