Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Policy

As a corporate citizen, Jumpcode is committed to serving as a champion for our employees, our community, our environment and our shareholders.

Employee Well-Being

•Promote an environment of diversity, equity and inclusion

•Create a fair playing field across our interview, promotion and management processes

•Encourage open, honest and respectful communication amongst all employees

•Develop and communicate corporate values and programs that align to the well-being of employees and ESG objectives

•Maintain a safe and healthy workplace

Environmental and Social

•Deploy programs to reduce, reuse and recycle in all that we do

•Implement high efficiency tools in our office and our operations to minimize environmental impact

•Encourage community involvement and awareness, including corporate volunteer work

•Accommodate flexible work options including work-from-home, varied working hours and public transportation

•Utilize vendors that promote similar ESG values when possible


•Establish corporate values and high ethical standards

•Lead by example across the Management team to promote integrity, honesty and open communication

•Deliver employee training and communication on appropriate workplace behavior

•Develop effective corporate controls that “trust but verify” in order to protect our employees and our company assets