Jumpcode Genomics Unveils an Expanded CRISPRclean® RNA Depletion Portfolio to Boost Discovery

Innovative new technologies empower medical and biopharma scientists and researchers to extract greater insights from the transcriptome.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. October 18, 2022 Jumpcode Genomics, a genome technology platform company focused on improving the understanding of human biology, today introduced an expanded portfolio of RNA depletion technologies to enable researchers to extract greater insights and detect novel signals in the transcriptome that were previously hidden by abundant and uninformative sequences. The CRISPRclean® RNA Depletion Portfolio includes several new offerings that harness the specificity of CRISPR to deplete abundant sequences, cut through the noise of uninformative transcripts, and boost discovery.

“RNA sequencing plays a critical role in medical research and treatment, helping fuel innovation for rare diseases, cancer, and complex diseases. However, approximately two-thirds of the transcriptome remain undetected due to limitations in detection sensitivity,” said Yaron Hakak, Ph.D., CEO of Jumpcode Genomics. “Jumpcode’s expanded CRISPRclean RNA Depletion Portfolio is tailored to scientists’ needs   to detect low-expressing transcripts by depleting uninformative sequences to shift the sequencing power for improved signals.”

Jumpcode’s new offerings address a variety of research needs, including broad, tissue-specific, and customized depletion. New products include:

  • CRISPRclean High-Expressing RNA Depletion Kit – This broad RNA depletion panel is designed to deplete the highest-expressing transcripts in whole blood and fibroblasts, redistributing approximately 70% of sequencing reads to biologically relevant transcripts, enabling scientists and researchers to detect variants and isoforms with less sequencing.
  • Focused RNA Depletion Panels – These panels remove the highest-expressing transcripts ahead of sequencing, reassigning sequencing reads to lower-expressed transcripts.
  • Custom Guide Design – Custom guide design options for RNA depletion to supplement existing panels, analyze specific tissue types, or other project-specific needs.
  • CRISPRclean Bulk Ribodepletion Reagents – These bulk reagents provide high-throughput drug discovery to researchers with cost-effective solutions allowing for the automated removal of approximately 90% of ribosomal RNA from thousands of samples in pooled RNA sequencing libraries.

These new products complement Jumpcode’s current offerings, which include best-in-class depletion of eukaryotic and bacterial ribosomal depletion reagents. All of the offerings leverage Jumpcode’s patented CRISPR-based technology, which utilizes CRISPR-Cas9 to degrade abundant, uninformative sequences in prepared next-generation sequencing libraries. CRISPRclean has broad applicability across basic and clinical applications, including infectious disease and oncology.

To learn more about Jumpcode’s portfolio of innovative products, click here.

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