Customized Solutions

Whether you want a proprietary depletion design, commercial OEM, or large scale and automation friendly formats—we are here to help. We can partner with you to provide a customized solution of our CRISPRclean™ reagents.

Custom design. More control.

You know your samples and how to get the most valuable data out of your sequencing.  Jumpcode Genomics will use our proprietary design tools to build a customized CRISPRclean depletion panel to remove unwanted sequences while retaining fragments of interest

automation friendly customized solutions

Large scale formats. Automation friendly.

When it comes to large scale quantities, we are here to support you with packaging, pack sizes, bulk volume or any other specifications you may have. We know that validation in large scale orders can be intimidating, it’s why we take the guesswork out of the process by providing single kit/lot testing, certificate of analysis, and automation-friendly formats.

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